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Screening Program

Prostate On-Site Project is a mobile medical screening service that travels throughout Arizona offering prostate exams for the early detection of prostate cancer.

  • PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test
  • Testicular Exam
  • DRE (Digital Rectal Exam)
  • Urologist Consultation

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Call 480-964-3013 or 1-800-828-6139 to find out when and where we’ll be offering screening in your area.

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Employee Benefits

  1. Easy, Convenient, Professional - Easy access at work site, Screening exam is completed in just 15 minutes. Doesn’t take up personal time.
  2. Reduces procrastination - Most POP patients say they would not have bothered with getting their prostate exam if the Mobile Screening facility had not come to their work site.
  3. Lower Cost - POP’s fees are lower than the average cost charged by hospitals, clinics and doctor offices.
  4. Peace of Mind - You can’t afford NOT to know the health status of your prostate.

Employer Advantages

  1. Reduce downtime - Less employee time off work -- 15 minutes instead of several hours.
  2. Lower health insurance claims - On-site testing provides early warning, when disease is less expensive and time-consuming to treat.
  3. Lower fees - POP is less expensive than hospitals, clinics or doctor’s offices.
  4. Employee appreciation - POP patients value the convenience and cost saving to them, while appreciating the concern shown for their health.

Prostate On-Site Projects, LLC accepts the following insurance plans:

Medicare is not accepted — If no insurance the cost is $81

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