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Marla Zimmerman CEO

Marla Zimmerman, CEO

Marla Zimmerman, CEO

As the only child of Gene Felker, I have been continually amazed by his passion and drive to save men’s lives from a disease that once, almost took his own. What I have learned from watching my Dad battle prostate cancer is that ANY man can contract this disease.

As a woman, I have a different perspective on prostate cancer. I will never get prostate cancer, but my Dad did and someday in the future my husband and sons could. Watching a loved one battle cancer is difficult under any circumstance, watching a loved one battle a cancer or even die from a cancer that could be treated if caught EARLY – is unbearable imagine.

If you are a man reading this, I hope you will listen to one more woman who asks you to get your prostate checked annually. If you are a woman, I hope you will feel empowered to encourage ALL the important men in your life to have an annual prostate exam.