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1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with
prostate cancer in their lifetime.

A simple 15-minute exam could save a man’s life.

Your tax-deductible* donations fund our mobile medical screening facility (POP). We travel throughout Arizona giving simple, low or no-cost prostate exams to detect this deadly but survivable cancer.


  • In March 2011, the Department of Revenue had a health screening and part of the screening was having the PSA blood test.  Three days later I received a phone call from the screening organization stating that my PSA had gone up to 5 and suggested that I contact my PCP... On June 16, I had the radical prostatectomy with the Da Vinci surgical machine and after 3-plus weeks off, I returned to work.

    Christopher Marino, HR Manager, Arizona Department of Revenue, Read More

  • ...I made an appointment with “POP” to have my prostate cancer screening.  My PSA was low; however Dr. Chan found an abnormality. I went to see Dr. Brito who agreed with Dr. Chan's observation. Long story short, Dr. Chan probably saved my life by detecting this cancer in the very early stages. My surgery by the da Vinci Procedure was highly successful.

    William Whiting, Read More

  • This was the best decision I could have ever made. The screening showed my PSA levels had doubled in less than a year... My physician suggested a biopsy which revealed that I had prostate cancer. I have since had surgery which resulted in very good prognosis. I encourage all men over 40 years of age and older to have yearly prostate screening...

    Dennis Jeter, City of Mesa Employee, Read More

  • The doctors said that my cancer was so advanced that it had probably been inside me for 3-5 years.  The scary part was that there were virtually NO symptoms.  Prostate cancer is practically 100 percent curable if caught early enough to be contained within the prostate.  Early detection through an annual prostate exam will save lives and since my diagnosis I’ve tried to spread the word...

    Tim Barber, Read More

  • I am a prostate cancer survivor, and in the last 60 days I have had 3 friends discover that they too were diagnosed with this awful Disease......all of us discovered this because we closely monitored and had regular checkups. This is your opportunity to do the same, for yourself, or for someone that you love......please take advantage of this program today and sign up.

    Bob Smith, President Alliance Beverage Distributing Company, Read More

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